What is Skateistan In A Box?

November 3, 2023

Like Skateistan, but in a Box: what actually is our SIAB project? Hmm...

Put simply, Skateistan In A Box is an international partnership model which mobilizes funding, resources, knowledge and equipment for grassroots and established organizations all around the world. Each partnership is bespoke and unique to our partner’s needs, which means what goes into and comes out of "The Box" is unique too. For those who are well-versed in org-speak, you could call it our take on the 'Funder+' model. We want to go beyond simply giving money, and additionally offer support, guidance and opportunities for peer-to-peer learning based on our 15+ years of experience, and our partners' unique skills developed thanks to the realities in which they work.

Be the funding partner you wish you had...

The Skateistan in a Box (SIAB) expansion project will grow to over 50 locations by 2027, utilizing the Skateistan in a Box support model, often in collaboration with a local project. This could include a shipping-container classroom, a mobile skatepark, syllabuses, equipment or simply financial aid. These locations are considered partners of Skateistan, employing the modular SIAB technology and Skateistan programs in ways which suit their participants and context. We do not restrict or demand bespoke programs in return, but rather work collaboratively to develop a positive means of delivering true, lasting impact while our partnership is running.

You can find a list of our current SIAB partners right here.


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